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Rebecca Scott Teases Upcoming Stunt Projects: ‘I Haven’t Ever Looked So Cool’

Rebecca Scott is now a triple threat in the physicality department.

Rebecca Scott takes great pride in keeping herself active. As she continues to make strides in the professional wrestling world, Scott has also taken on training in the realm of martial arts, particularly focusing on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. Most recently, Scott began a venture into stunt work.

During a new interview with WrestleZone’s Ella Jay, Scott provided some details on her ongoing stunting experience. While this may be new territory for her, Scott has been fortunate to work with professional stunt coordinator James Moontasri, who is credited with training Queen Latifah for fight scenes featured in CBS’s The Equalizer.

“I have been dabbling in the world of stunt work and fight choreography,” Scott said. “I am working with a really awesome fight choreographer now who does amazing work. His name is James. He works on The Equalizer with Queen Latifah, and he develops these insanely amazing fight scenes. So I’ve started being able to use my creative mind, maybe not so much physical, but in that aspect. I’ve started dabbling in the fight choreography world. We’re putting together some pretty cool projects right now. I don’t think I can really touch more on [it] except to say just stay tuned with it. It is really cool. I haven’t ever looked so cool.”

Rebecca Scott In Action

When asked if her fight scenes will be released in animated or live-action form, Scott noted that they were filmed in a form adjacent to live-action.

“Think live-action, but think like fight scenes in movies and TV shows, which is a completely different set of skills you need compared to the martial arts where you’re really trying to hurt somebody, compared to the pro wrestling stuff,” Scott said. “I’m all over the place, but I think it’s really cool and we’ve gotten to come up with some really cool stuff. Me being able to use my pro wrestling and my martial arts background in the fight choreography, it’s really cool.”

“Sometimes we’ll be like ‘Oh, let’s do this scene and this scene and then throw this, this, this.’ Then I’ll come in and say ‘Well I can do this type of head scissor or this thing or that.’ It’s just a completely different set of skill that not many people outside of the pro wrestling world know. So, it’s really cool, and it’s another avenue for me to be able to use my brain and imagination. It’s so much fun.”

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