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Alisha and Eddie Edwards Compare Their Personalities To ‘The King Of Queens’ Couple

Alisha Edwards and Eddie Edwards compared themselves to the protagonists of the TV show The King of Queens.

Both stars currently wrestle for TNA. They are part of The System, a faction that also including Brian Myers and Moose. They both share the screen and their personal lives, having been marrried since 2016.

Alisha Edwards recently spoke with Bill Pritchard of WrestleZone, where she was asked which fictional couple she would compare herself and her husband to. The TNA star revealed that Eddie Edwards said they remind him of Kevin James and Leah Remini’s characters, Doug and Carrie Heffernan, in the hit CBS series The King of Queens.

However, Alisha also said that their bond reminds her more of Bonnie & Clyde too.

“Ooh! I mean, personally, like our personality kind of thing, he always likes to compare us to the King of Queens. But that’s more on us personally and how we kind of react in that way. I mean Bonnie and Clyde right? Let’s go old school. A couple that makes the history there I would say we were kind of them, right? We just always stick together and we got to do whatever that needs to be done to get the job done. Well, I think it’s because she’s very direct, I would say. And she means business, kind of similar to Lish, so I think that’s kind of where we go. But yea, that’s more of like… Yeah, how we really are.” 

Eddie Edwards on Alisha comparing them to the King of Queens

WrestleZone later spoke with Eddie Edwards and his partner, Brian Myers. Pritchard brought up Alisha Edwards’ comments about the King of Queens couple.

Eddie Edwards revealed that his family often compares them to the couple from the show. However, he said it is one of his favorite TV programs, so he takes the comparison as a compliment.

“I mean, I have a few. Well, my family and a couple of my good friends, they compare us very much to Doug and Carrie Heffernan. Which, you know what? That was one of my favorite shows and still is. So I’m okay with that. It may not be the best for a wrestling persona or wrestling abilities. But, I’ll take it. And I take that as a compliment.”