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Jey Uso Reveals Where He Believes ‘Yeet’ Got Over

Jey Uso has a newfound confidence as a singles performer on Monday Night RAW.

WWE Superstar Jey Uso recently sat down with Alex McCarthy of Mail Online. When asked how he feels his singles run has worked out since splitting up with The Bloodline, Jey said he believes it took until his press conference with Cody Rhodes for his yeet catchphrase to fully catch on.

“If you watched the press conference with Cody, that’s where it got over, I felt like,” Jey Uso said. “I’ve always been a tag team guy, always just doing my brother. So we always had each other to lean on. I’m now being on my own, trying to fly on my own, and then seeing how the people got behind me or accepted me.

“They got the yeet, hey got with everything, the hand thing – I don’t know what that is – the theme song. I knew I wanted to keep day one ish because people were singing that. And it came from London, Money in the Bank, civil war. That’s the first time I heard them sing it.

“I wanted to keep that, but back to the drawing board again. Switch the color. I don’t want red no more; opposite of red is blue. I was going to go orange because no one wears orange like that. But it’s like, let’s do it. They gave me this avatar blue. I don’t know what it is, sky blue. But I ran with it, so it’s all good.”

When asked if working with Triple H in a solo capacity compares to working with Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman, Jey admitted he feels more confident than ever.

“I’m actually more confident than ever right now,” Jey Uso admitted. “I took all the tools that they gave me. During the pandemic era, being with Hunter and Heyman in the room, just with The Bloodline, just us, going over and spitting ideas. I learned all that, and now I apply it on my own. And then working with Hunter right now as a single competitor, it’s cool. I feel like I finally, earned that respect now, and it’s all love.

“Work seems easier right now, all that worrying stuff, being anxious all the time, it’s out the way. Now I just go out there and I’m on the if I’m on the card that night, I make sure I’m bringing energy. That’s just my thing. I just want to dial it up. During the show, when I come out, I feel like there’s a spike here. Even if you never watched wrestling, it was like, ‘Alright, who’s he? He’s got to be a main player.'”

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