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Zilla Fatu On WWE’s New-Look Bloodline: It’s Dangerous, It Opened People’s Eyes

Despite Roman Reigns’ absence from WWE programming, The Bloodline is still the talk of the company. Zilla Fatu explains why the story has taken a legendary turn.

Zilla Fatu recently sat down with MuscleManMalcolm. When asked about the new look of The Bloodline in WWE, currently being led by Solo Sikoa, Fatu said that it’s dangerous and believes the story is taking a positive turn because there’s no longer a title involved; it’s about something more.

“I think it’s dangerous,” Zilla Fatu said. “I think it definitely opened a lot of people’s eyes because it’s like, with The Bloodline story, there’s so many perspectives. So many opinions; so many outlooks with this story. What makes this story so beautiful and so legendary, there’s no belt involved. There is no belt; everybody going for that necklace.”

When asked about the reports of his tag team partner Jacob Fatu signing with WWE, Zilla said that when The Samoan Werewolf makes his debut with the company, he’ll shock the world.

“It’s dope. When he debuts, he’s gonna shock the world,” Zilla Fatu said. “I’m excited for him. The wrestling universe is excited for him. I know you’re excited for him, and the whole family. The Fatus, Anoaʻis, the evolution that he worked hard. I know he worked hard for his kids, most importantly. Shout out to all his seven kids. Liz, shout out to all of you guys holding it down for him while he’s on the road. So I’m just happy for him personally.”

When asked if he’d like to join the WWE roster, Fatu admits that he does, but it has to make sense, making it clear that he’s in no rush to sign anywhere right now.

“Yes, sir. That’s where the family started,” Zilla Fatu said. “That’s where the family is, so I want a piece of the pie. But with a PS note on the side, it just has to make sense. Like with AEW, just any promotion, it just has to make sense. And WWE, if it makes sense to have me, which I feel like it does because I was born into it.

“And I know that I’m made to do this without even knowing. It’s beautiful because I don’t we just don’t know. I’m not in no rush to get signed. I’m not in no rush to get anywhere, I’m just trusting the process and just learning from my culture and just believing in me and my team. But yeah, I’m excited and stay tuned.”

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What do you make of Zilla Fatu’s comments? Do you think Zilla would make a great addition to The Bloodline in WWE? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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