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Mark Henry: Bruce Prichard Couldn’t Produce Mae Young Hotel Scene Because He Was Dying Of Laughter

Bruce Pritchard found the Valentine’s Day segment involving Mark Henry and Mae Young so funny that he almost died from laughter.

On Valentine’s Day in 2000, Henry and Young appeared in an iconic segment in WWE history. They “honeymooned” in a hotel together, sharing Valentine’s gifts with one another after marrying one another.

The World’s Strongest Man handed young a box of chocolates, a play on his nickname “Sexual Chocolate”. Meanwhile, the 75-year-old Young bought Mark Henry some underwear, adding the “Sexual” part of the name.

Mark Henry recently appeared on the Six Feet Under podcast, where he spoke with The Undertaker about the segment.

Henry revealed that Bruce Prichard, who was originally supposed to produce the segment, found it so funny that he “almost died” from laughter that night. He eventually had to be replaced and let other people produce the angle, which is an iconic moment from the Attitude Era.

“Bruce couldn’t hold it together”

“Bruce Prichard almost died shooting the Valentine’s Day deal.” Mark Henry revealed. “I mean, listen to this. We had a Valentine’s Day outing at a hotel, and you know, they’re recording it and everything. That’s usually how my days go. May is trying, I had these red silk boxers on with hearts on them and stuff. She kept trying to open the fly, saying, ‘Come on, let me see it, let me see it.’ I’m like, ‘Stop, man, stop, come on, let’s do it.’

“Bruce couldn’t hold it together. I’m like, ‘Hey man, be professional, you’re supposed to be working,’ and he’s crying, laughing so hard he had to sit down on the floor and let other people produce the segment.” Mark Henry added.

This angle eventually led to Mae Young giving birth to a human hand. As ridiculous as this sound, her and Mark Henry’s hand baby later showed up on Raw, in a hilarious moment.