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Tony Khan: In A Perfect World, I’d Like Bryan Danielson To Stay With AEW Forever In Some Capacity

Tony Khan wants Bryan Danielson to stay with AEW in whatever capacity he’s comfortable with.

Bryan Danielson has been with AEW since 2021, and he has said that he plans to stop wrestling full-time this year. He has also said that his AEW contract is up before AEW All In in August.

Speaking with Shakiel Mahjouri of CBS Sports, AEW CEO Tony Khan commented on Bryan Danielson’s future.

“I would like Bryan to stay, in a perfect world, forever here in whatever capacity he’d stay with us in,” Khan said. “I’d hope that Bryan would finish his wrestling career here. I would do anything to make that happen, I want Bryan to stay with us wrestling as long as possible. I know that he’s talked about an exit from full-time wrestling, which is what he’s been doing this year whenever he’s been healthy.”

Tony Khan: Bryan Danielson Fits On AEW Like A Glove

Tony Khan went on to note that he appreciates what Bryan Danielson has said about AEW and why he loves it. He noted that Danielson fits on AEW like a glove.

“The only thing better than that is to have Bryan Danielson stepping up for the company, AEW, and fighting on our behalf. He’s said a lot of great things about why he wants to be in this match and about why he wanted to come to AEW. I appreciate some of the complimentary things he’s said about me personally, but especially I appreciate the things he’s said about AEW and what we do here and why he loves AEW. I think Bryan Danielson fits on AEW like a glove. As long as he will consider wrestling with us, that door is always open. I would bend over backwards for him and do anything for Bryan Danielson.”

Khan also expressed his optimism that Bryan Danielson and AEW will reach some sort of emotion.

“I definitely think so, I hope so,” Khan said. “I don’t know whether he’ll be wrestling full-time after that. But I really hope Bryan will stay with me here in the office forever… I talk to Bryan pretty much every day whenever I can. So I hope that will continue for the rest of our lives.”

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