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McKenzie Mitchell: It’s About Time Vic Joseph Got His Flowers

McKenzie Mitchell thinks Vic Joseph deserves more credit for his work in the WWE.

The pair got married in 2022, tying the knot in Italy in front of friends and colleagues. The pair worked together in the WWE until late last year, when she was released from her role as a broadcaster for the company.

Vic Joseph remains employed by the company and serves as the play-by-play commentator on NXT. He works alongside Booker T on the commentary desk, who he recently name-dropped as a key part of his success so far in WWE.

In a Twitter post, Vic Joseph responded to a fan who was giving him their appreciation. He responded by noting that “the writers, the producers, the coaches” and his wife, McKenzie Mitchell, all deserved credit for success.

“Thank you – but I wouldn’t have a bag to be if not for @BookerT5x , the writers, the producers, the coaches the list goes on and of course the support of my wife @mckenzienmitch

McKenzie Mitchell was having none of it. She replied to Joseph, noting that it was about time for the NXT commentator to “get flowers” for his work.

“Bout time you get flowers for your work and passion though. Amiright?”

Vic Joseph Says Michael Cole Is The Greatest Of All Time

One man Vic Joseph has thanked in the past is Michael Cole, who he claims has taught him so much about commentary in WWE.

Vic Joseph was recently interviewed by Scott Fishman for TV Insider, where he sang the praises of the WWE veteran, calling him “the greatest of all time”.

“Michael Cole is the greatest of all time. I’ll say it again. He is the greatest of all time. I’ve learned so much from him. Here’s the thing about Michael Cole. He doesn’t want me to be Michael Cole. He doesn’t want Corey Graves to be Michael Cole. We all have our own distinct voices. It’s how you as a listener hear it. When I went to NXT, I didn’t want to be Mauro [Ranallo]. I don’t want to be Michael Cole. I want to be myself. But if you’re the greatest of all time why would you not want to pick a few things from them? There is no quarterback in the world that’s not looking at Tom Brady’s mechanics or Patrick Mahomes’ footwork. If you don’t study people who are the greatest, I think it’s foolish if you don’t. I will take as much as I can from Michael Cole and Corey Graves, for that matter, and mold it into my own. Then hopefully get to their level.”