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Photo Credit: WWE

Carmella Reveals Original Pitch Video For Her ‘Untouchable’ Gimmick

Carmella had a specific vision for her ‘Untouchable’ run in WWE.

A fan recently reflected on Carmella’s ‘Untouchable’ character on Twitter, saying it was a shame that she didn’t like the character because they enjoyed it. Carmella responded and said it’s not that she didn’t like it, but it just didn’t work out the way she originally hoped for.

“It’s not that I didn’t like it. I just didn’t want a new character. And it didn’t pan out the way it originally started so it felt like I wasn’t doing the character justice,” Carmella wrote on Twitter. “When I was told I needed a new direction I went all in and pitched this entire character. Going to find the original video I had made and post it here for yall.”

She mentioned having an original pitch video for the character, and now she’s uploaded it for everyone to see:

And here’s the final version of the video that aired on WWE TV:

Carmella’s Untouchable Era

WWE started teasing the new character in September 2020, using a “mystery woman” angle to hype it for several weeks. The ‘new’ Mella revealed herself in October, and attacked Sasha Banks the following month.

Carmella’s ‘Untouchable’ run also featured Reginald (Reggie/Scrypts) as her “sommelier.” She also wore a bedazzled mask as protection to play up the ‘Most Beautiful Woman in WWE’ moniker, lending to a campier side of the character.

Carmella was unfortunately injured in a live event match in August 2022, and the Untouchable run came to an end. She finally ditched the character and reverted back to her original gimmick when she returned to TV in January 2023.