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Photo Credit: VICE TV

Vince Russo Said Bro 353 Times During “Who Killed WCW?” Interview

The count is in, and it’s official: Vince Russo says “bro” too much.

The former WWE, WCW and TNA writer is still a controversial figure in wrestling history. He is lauded for his work in the WWE, bringing the edginess from the WWE Magazine onto the TV shows for the first time ever. With him working under Vince McMahon, WWE battled against WCW with some of the most memorable TV shows of all time.

However, his work in WCW and TNA was less well received. He made some “interesting” creative choices in WCW and actively said wrestling was fake on a wrestling TV show.

His mere presence in TNA caused Spike TV to drop the company. This shows a lot about how he was viewed. However, he does say the word “Bro” a lot, which has garnered an admiration of sorts from some fans.

Vince Russo was a key part of the new VICE TV documentary “Who Killed WCW?“. Due to his unique speech patterns, the creators of the series ran a contest on Instagram to see who could guess how many times Russo said the word “bro” in the interview.

They revealed on Instagram that he said the word 353 times in a 4-hour interview. User @cliffythegr8 guessed 350, and for his troubles picked up a sealed original WCW/nWo Revenge N64 game.

“Vince Russo said “bro” 353 times during his 4-hour interview for WHO KILLED WCW?

While no one guessed the exact number of “bros,” @cliffythegr8 was the closest (without going over) and first to guess 350. Congratulations, you win the sealed original WCW/nWo Revenge N64 game!”

If you put Vince Russo in a room with Matt Riddle, absolutely nothing worthwhile would get done.