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Dijak: There Were Plans For Me To Feud For NXT Title Before I Got Drafted To WWE RAW

Dijak recently discussed his WWE exit, his time in NXT and his journey from thriving in NXT to being drafted to WWE RAW.

Speaking to Fightful‘s Sean Ross Sapp shortly after he announced that WWE would not be renewing his contract, Dijak was asked about moving from NXT to WWE RAW earlier in 2024. He was asked about why he was drafted to the red brand. (H/t Fightful for the transcription)

“An excellent question that no one has given me an answer to. I’ve asked it, but no one has given me an answer,” Dijak said. “You can rolodex ten, twelve, fourteen reasons. I’ve been in WWE long enough to where I know generally how things operate and how things take place. My gut feeling is they had a general idea of when my contract was up. I don’t know whether the decision-makers have that date in front of them. I think they were generally aware of when my time was coming up. My guess would be that these decisions were made in some capacity before I went to NXT.

“A group of individuals likely looked at me as a whole and said, ‘Here’s T-BAR, he’s up in June 2024. Do we release him now or do we try to get as much out of this contract as we possibly can?’ Thankfully, on my part, the conclusion was, ‘Let’s put him in NXT and see what he can do.’ Nobody is more thankful for that than me.”

Dijak Was Set For NXT Title Feud

Dijak continued by detailing how his mindset was to have the best matches possible, and he got highly positive feedback. He then revealed that he was set to be in a feud with NXT Champion Trick Williams before he got drafted to RAW.

“Every time I went out there, ‘You f**king nailed it.’ As recently as two months ago at Stand & Deliver. ‘I f**ked nailed it,'” Dijak said. “Triple threats are hard as hell. Everyone was watching. It’s WrestleMania weekend. The draft is coming up. Everything is working out. Then, I’m sitting there during the draft. The draft is a shoot. Nobody knows what’s happening. I’m watching the names. There is an angel and demon on my shoulder.

“Part of me is sitting there grumpy because I thought it would be funny and I’m in character. Why would I stand an applaud? Internally, I’m thinking, ‘You’ve been told there are plans for you to be in the main event picture for the NXT Championship. Also, your contract is up in a month or so.’ There is an argument in my head, ‘Do you want to stay in NXT with Trick and have this cool feud. Will they renew you in NXT?”

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Dijak then described how he knew that he was “f**ked” if he was picked in the Supplemental Draft, which is what happened. Check out his comments about moving to WWE RAW here.