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Deonna Purrazzo Explains How Multiple Stories Are Helping Grow AEW’s Women’s Division

Deonna Purrazzo is grateful to be part of the growth of AEW’s Women’s Division.

All Elite Wrestling‘s Deonna Purrazzo recently spoke with When asked about building stories to make things feel more important, Purrazzo said every women’s division needs time to tell stories and let them breathe.

“Yeah, I think that’s what every women’s division needs… is time to tell these stories and let them breathe,” Deonna Purrazzo said. “And let fans pick who they like and don’t like and then do fun things like, you know, just qualification match or add different stipulations to it. I think that then there’s also, you know, we’re dealing with the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament right now, and that is an opportunity to wrestle for the world championship at All In, and there’s so many pieces going on in our division right now.

“That’s what makes a successful division is you have your stories with the champion. You have Toni Storm and Mina coming up at Forbidden Door. But then you also have this, like, underlying who’s Mariah going to pick story happening. You have Mercedes Mone and Stephanie Vaquer wrestling at Forbidden Door. And going back and forth to CMLL, like, there’s just so much. Then you have me and Thunder. Total non-storyline happening.

“You have the Owen happening, like… That’s what you want to see in a women’s division. That’s a women’s division you want to be a part of. If you can’t be in the world title, you can be doing something else, building your stock to get to the world title, and so I’m just, again, so grateful to be on any show, doing anything, working with anyone, and continuing to build my stock and introduce myself to this new audience.” [H/T: Fightful]

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