Reginald Flo From Progressive
Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for WWE SummerSlam After Party; Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/WireImage for Getty Images

Reginald Pitched WWE 24/7 Title Kidnapping Angle Involving Flo From Progressive And The Mob

Reginald wanted to do a lot more with the 24/7 Championship than WWE did.

The wrestler, who was also known as Reggie or SCRYPTS, held the title four times in total. His 112-day reign was the longest of any titleholder, and he became a key part of the title’s history until it was retired in 2022.

He was heavily involved with stars like Carmella, Dana Brooke and R-Truth during this time. However, he wanted to bring Flor from Progressive Insurance into the mix in a huge crossover.

Reginald spoke to MuscleManMalcolm recently. He was asked about any ideas he had for the 24/7 title that didn’t end up making it to TV.

The former champion revealed that he had a creative idea for a crossover between the WWE and Progressive Insurance. He detailed how Flo from Progressive would help save him from being kidnapped by the mob, although ultimately this was rejected.

“There was a lot of things left unturned. I had an idea about making a crossover with a 24/7 title with Progressive, with their 24/7 coverage. Essentially, it would be me escaping the mob. The mob gets me. It was Flo from Progressive.’ I call her, like, ‘Hey, I need help,’ and then she comes and helps me, like makes a trampoline appear. I bounce over the guys or whatever, and I’m the longest-running 24/7 champion because I have 24/7 coverage with Progressive. So, that would have been dope, a missed opportunity. I also wrote—I’m a writer as well—a 24/7 cartoon. Basically, it was everything we were doing but animated.”

Reginald: The Door To WWE Isn’t Closed

Reginald isn’t bitter about his WWE exit, and doesn’t think the door to return is closed forever.

In an interview with Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, Reginald revealed he had good talks with the company when they told him he was released. However, he didn’t leave in bad blood, and knows there’s always a chance to return i the future.

“It was a great conversation,” Reginald said. “I don’t know what a conversation like that is, ‘We’re going another direction. Good luck on your future endeavors.’ That was the conversation people said was happening, but I got a call and it was, ‘Hey Reg, I hate to be the one to have this call and give you this news.’ I knew right there, but it’s a person I have a really good relationship with. He said, ‘Unfortunately, we’re not going to renew your contract. I want you to know the door isn’t closed, it’s forever open. You were such a great talent, you were great to work with. A joy to be around.’ Just a flattering message,” he recalls. “I thought in my head, ‘If I’m that great, why can’t I get a new contract?’ But, it was a good conversation. I was like, ‘Okay, what’s next?'”.