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DIY Reflects On Capturing The WWE Tag Team Titles In Toronto

DIY captured the WWE Tag Team Titles in Toronto eight years after capturing the NXT Tag Team Titles in the same building.

Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa spoke with Cathy Kelley backstage following last night’s SmackDown and reflected on the journey that brought them to this point.

“Toronto, we did it,” Johnny Gargano said. “Lightning struck twice, and we are the lighting bolt that this tag team division needs. Do you remember when we were in Orlando? I know we’re gonna go way back, longer than eight years. Like obviously, winning the NXT Tag Team Titles was huge for us. It made our careers, but this was always the endgame for us.

“Getting here, winning these titles. Two guys who were never even supposed to work for this company now hold WWE gold. And a lot of people out there believe in us. A lot of people out there know what we’re capable of. But there’s some doubters, some people who don’t know. Tonight, we proved you wrong. That’s what we do. We prove people wrong. We prove the people they doubt us wrong, the people that believe in us right. Cathy you believe in us, we proved you right. There you go.”

Ciampa chimed in by calling these titles the prettiest titles in all of WWE and couldn’t contain his excitement about them taking these titles home to show their children.

“This right here, these are the prettiest titles in all of the WWE,” Tommaso Ciampa said. “And… [brought the title up to his head to listen to it like ‘Goldy’ in NXT] she just told me that she can’t wait to get home and meet Willow, and Willow can’t wait to meet her, and I’m sure Quill can’t wait to meet her.”

DIY are fathers now

Ciampa’s comments allowed Gargano to reflect on why this title win is more special than their NXT title win because they now have kids to share this with.

“That is the difference now, Cathy. I know this is going very long, but we’re gonna keep it going,” Johnny Gargano said. “When we won the NXT Tag Team Titles, we weren’t even dads yet. Now, we’re dads. We have kids to share this with.

“Like I’m gonna go home, you’re gonna go home. I’m gonna open my bag and show Quill this. He’s probably gonna say, ‘Thank you,’ and walk away with it, which is fine, it’s his…legally, because he’s a child. It’s just… life’s cool, Cathy. Life is really freaking cool.”

Ciampa ends the interview by hilariously stating that he’s going to hit Randy Orton with an RKO out of nowhere. This is a callback to their ongoing social media series where Ciampa is trying to RKO Randy Orton but keeps screwing it up and hurting himself instead. If you’ve missed this series, you can see his latest attempt in the embedded video below.

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