Image Credit: WWE

Report: Rhea Ripley Is Listed As A Babyface Internally By WWE

Rhea Ripley is being considered a babyface after her return on Raw this week.

The former Women’s World Champion was forced to vacate her title just two weeks after WrestleMania 40. An injury caused by a backstage attack from Liv Morgan took her out of action for months. Becky Lynch won the vacant title, before Liv Morgan added to the humiliation by taking her title.

She has continued to try and take everything from Rhea Ripley with her pursuit of Dominik Mysterio. Liv Morgan has continually tried to seduce him away from Ripley, causing her to angrily attack Morgan upon her return to Raw this week.

She appears to still be a part of Judgement Day, Rhea Ripley is reportedly listed as a babyface internally by the WWE. This change has been reported by Mike Johnson of PWInsider.

However, he noted that the rest of the group remain as heels. This could indicate that she is splitting from the group in the near future, although nothing has been confirmed.

“With her official return to the company last night, has learned that Rhea Ripley is now listed as a babyface internally by World Wrestling Entertainment.” Mike Johnson wrote. “The other members of The Judgment Day remain listed as heels currently.”

It looks likely that Rhea Ripley will face Liv Morgan for the Women’s World Championship at Summerslam. However, the woman that has “Dirty Dom” by their side still remains to be seen.