Kevin Nash Rips Into Twitter Followers Defending His Son

Kevin Nash isn’t pulling any punches (again) on his official Twitter account, but this time, it isn’t wrestling-related.  Rather, it’s Kevin Nash – the father – defending his son, Tristen Nash.  Tristen, 14, is an aspiring singer-songwriter and has been posting a lot of his original songs via YouTube.  Kevin will promote a lot of the videos on his Twitter page and apparently, it has prompted some negative feedback by some people criticizing Tristen’s vocal abilities.  The following was Kevin Nash’s response to said critics:

"For those who have the ability to appreciate my sons talent I say thank you. for those who say he needs voice lessons he is 14 and his voice has not matured yet. For those that are just haters because he is my kid, f*ck you and i hope you wake up with a brain tumor tomorrow. As his career just starts and he grows day by day anyone with appreciation of music would see the growth hes made. if you want to rip my son because you have a problem with me do me a favor and dont wear your seatbelt tomorrrow. Crazy way how god sends assholes through windshields." Nash also posted, "I see you people running your di*k suckers but i dont see any videos of you doing anything better than what my kid is doing. Dont hate."

You can check out Tristen Nash’s YouTube page HERE.  You can also follow him and his music on Twitter