WWE Raw Results (5/16): Over The Limit Hype, Cena/Miz!

Results Courtesy of PWInsider.com:

We begin with John Cena making his way to the ring. Before Cena can speak, he is interrupted by Alex Riley. Riley says that he has heard it all before. Hustle, Loyalty, Respect, and I am going to make the Miz say I Quit on Sunday.

Alex has a video package for John Cena to watch. It is a lot of stuff from when Miz was the champion and he was destroying John Cena.

Riley introduces the Miz and he makes his way to the ring while Michael Cole marks out for Miz.

Riley says that from the beginning, everyone has underestimated the Miz. From his start on Tough Enough to the main event of WrestleMania 27, they said he didn’t have what it took and that he should have quit. They also said that the Spurs would make it out of the first round but we know what happens.

On Sunday, in an I Quit Match . . . then we pause because the fans tell Riley that he sucks.

The Miz will prove everyone wrong again because the Miz will never utter the words ‘I Quit’

Cena tells Riley says that he is as stupid as he is useless. If you want to talk about things the Miz would never say. I think I will pass on tickets to the Jonas Brothers. Miz wouldn’t say I don’t want to play with My Little Pony any more. He wouldn’t say I’m the Miz and I have testicles. That is a shame because you need a set.

Cena says that Miz has gone from laughing stock to champion and he respects that. There is a reason why he chose an I Quit Match and it is because when you look past the fancy suits and loudmouth bravado and he can look into Miz’s eyes and see fear. It is the same fear that he sees in his eyes right now. How bad will I get hurt or will I say I Quit before I get hurt.