JR Blog: More on His Raw Injury, Y2J on DWTS, UFC PPV Hype

Jim Ross has posted a new blog over at JRsBarBQ.com. Below are some excerpts:

"Cole’s tooth went to the bone on a knuckle on my right hand which caused bleeding from my hand and his lip for those that have asked. Apparently the risk of infection from a human tooth IE a bite or something like what occurred Monday night is potentially harmful so we’ve been very careful with the infection aspect of the ‘wound’ in addition to caring for a sore hand."

"Congrats to Chris Jericho for his amazing run on DWTS on ABC. @IAmJericho is one of the most multi-talented performers with which I’ve ever been associated. Without question, one has to assume that many doors were opened by Chris’ performance on DWTS as it relates to potential, future gigs in ‘Hollywood’. We’re getting tons of emails and tweets @JRsBBQ asking when Jericho is coming back to WWE. I have heard nothing regarding this matter from any one in any official capacity. I do think that Chris will likely have another run in WWE but whether it is this year or next is completely Chris and the WWE’s call. The day Jericho returns he will zoom up the ladder as arguably the most talented, all around grappler on the roster at this time."

"The promoter in me thinks that the nationalism slant could have been played up somewhat more regarding GSP vs. Jake Shields. Both GSP, a Canadian, and Shields, an American, are talented professionals who are neither boisterous or known for the marketable sound byte. Sort of surprised that UFC did not utilize some of GSP and Shields common opponents or other stars who might be facing the winner down the road in packaged pieces."