WWE RAW Results (4/18) – Cole “Knighted”, Extreme Change

WWE Raw Results for April 18th, 2011

WWE RAW Results

April 18, 2010 (Taped Earlier Today in London)

Courtesy of WrestlingNewsWorld.com

R-Truth out to the ring with all his ‘what’s up?’ BS. Can’t hear the fans, but Richard reported that the fans in London weren’t thrilled to see R-Truth. King and Cole argue some. R-Truth’s music goes off and there’s quite the mixed reaction. A cheap ‘what’s up?’ for the fans. R-Truth says he’s very happy. He’s been down a long road of trials, tribulations and demons. But now he’s in line to become the WWE Champ! It makes him feel good, makes him happy. He’s not perfect, but he is the truth. He doesn’t care if it’s Miz or Cena, but he’s walking out Champ, like it or not. And for the WWE Universe, he’s fighting everybody. He’ll be the most fighting Champion in the history of Champions. He’ll fight anyone, anywhere. That’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

JoMo’s music hits and he comes to the ring. They hug in the ring. JoMo congratulates him. JoMo’s not as happy as if it was him in the match. JoMo says he didn’t say that he had to dance with lady luck. R-Truth says he’s married. JoMo says a lot of things went R-Truth’s way. If Nexus hadn’t beat up Orton, if Miz and A-Ri hadn’t jumped R-Truth and Cena. R-Truth says he had to beat three people. JoMo says he’s lucky he did it the shape he’s in. R-Truth says he’s in the best shape of his life!

JoMo rolls some footage. The picture focuses on R-Truth drinking water before facing Cena. R-Truth says he had to drink some water. JoMo says if he has to drink, and if that’s his best shape? JoMo says he’s in the best shape he can be as a smoker. R-Truth says he wants to quit. JoMo says he’d be in better shape if he quit. R-Truth says JoMo wants R-Truth to challenge him to a match and take his spot at Extreme Rules. JoMo says he accepts. The Draft is next week and possibly the last time they’ll have to face off, so he accepts. He likes that R-Truth is a fighting champ. R-Truth says these people in London don’t want to see them. R-Truth says he’ll fight, but needs two things. He asks for a bottle of water? He then asks for a smoke? JoMo says R-Truth didn’t ask for the most important thing – luck!

JoMo vs. R-Truth

Ref out, they circle and lock up. R-Truth takes JoMo down for two. R-Truth then rolls JoMo up in a schoolboy. R-Truth leaves the ring and hunts down some water. The time keeper gives R-Truth a bottle. R-Truth takes a couple swigs.

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