Another Live Fan Report/Review From TNA Lockdown PPV

Thanks to Seth Burchett for sending this in:

The guy who emailed in about the show was a mark, typical of a guy who thinks he knows whats going on. I think he is full of it. As a guy who is in the business I will say it was a great card that was very entertaining. True there were a few sections roped off. These were for the hard camera, WWE does this too, not during house shows because all together now……They aren’t being taped. I do think TNA missed the boat in the floor sections as there were a lot of floor that could have been made into rows and then sold.

Most of the matches were very entertaining. There was only a couple matches that I saw any botched spots….the Jarrett/Angle match being the most notable. But as a fan it was also the most entertaining, because it was the match that fans were most into. In response to Flair getting cheered…..He is the Naitch, a legend in the business and fans are going to cheer him where ever he goes. It was a privileged to see so many icons in the business in one night.

As a guy who is in the business and worked matches I feel like all of them had good psychology with exception to maybe Morgan/Hernandez, this was possible the letdown of the night, maybe I personally just expected too much from them. I felt like all the matches were put together well. I didnt care for the finish to the title match but it was still a good match up until that point.

There were many Immortal fans in the crowd mostly wearing abyss masks. Keep in mind that Abyss is from the Cincinnati area so there were a lot of hometown fans there too. Biggest pop of the night I think went to Scott Steiner, crowd loved him even started a "We Want Steiner chant" during the match without being prompted by Val.