WWE House Show Results (4/17): Nottingham, England

WWE Raw House Show Results (Nottingham, England)

Report by WrestleZone.com reader Marc Daives

1. Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov def. The Uso’s

Santino came out with Tamina but no Kozlov, the Uso’s cut a promo talking about Santino being on his own. The Uso’s dominated the match until about 3 minutes into the match, Kozlov’s music hit and he came running into the ring and helped Santino to pick up the win.

2. Eve & Gail Kim def. The Bella twins. It was an average Diva tag match, nothing too interesting. The crowd wasn’t very into it.

3. Percy Watson def. Primo. Primo came out and cut a really good heel promo and taunting the kids. The crowd was dead throughout the match, seemed like no one knew who Percy Watson was.

4. Dolph Ziggler def. Evan Bourne. Really good back and forth match, Evan Bourne tried to hit the Air Bourne but Ziggler rolled out the way. Ziggler then ended it with the Zig Zag.

5. Randy Orton def. CM Punk. The match was slow throughout with alot of rest holds from Orton, although it was a really good match. The RKO was reversed a couple of times and it looked like Punk was going to get the win until an RKO out of nowhere.

R-Truth and Melina came out, they held a dance off and whoever won got a chance to go backstage. A kid won, who was actually a really good dancer, the rest were adults. All of the contestants got booed as they were from Essex and one was from Kent, none were actually from Nottingham.


6. Sheamus def. John Morrison to retain the United States Championship. A mixed reaction for Sheamus alot of the younger audience booed whereas the adults cheered. Really good match, Morrison hit alot of hight flying moves and had the advantage throughout. Sheamus went for the High Cross twice but Morison was able to counter both. The turning point in the was when Morrison went for the Starship Pain but Sheamus rolled out of the way and managed to get the Brogue Kick for the win.

7. Sin Cara def. Tyson Kidd. Kidd cut a heel promo before the match to allow the crew to set up Sin Cara’s trampoline. A good reaction for Sin Cara when he came out. Sin Cara was looking good in this match, he looked like he is still trying to adapt to the WWE’s style of wrestling, but a much better performance then that what was shown on RAW. Finish came when Sin Cara hit his finisher off the turnbuckle.

8. John Cena def. The Miz via DQ in a WWE Championship match. Sin Cara was still celebrating in the ring until Miz’s music hit and he demanded Sin Cara to leave the ring, Miz opened with his usual promo. Cena came out to a big ovation although alot of the older fans were booing him. Miz gained control of the match from the start, Miz was taunting the Cena fans at ringside throughout the match. Riley kept interfering in the match which led to him being sent to the back. Miz went for The People’s Elbow, Cena rolled out the way. Cena was able to come back and hit his signiture moves. All of a sudden Riley came running out with a briefcase in hand and hit Cena with it causing the DQ. Cena was getting beaten down by Miz and Riley, then Sin Cara came running down to the ring to help Cena out. Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment on Riley and then hit it on Miz which was really botched. Sin Cara then hit a botched lionsault on The Miz.