WWE Raw Results (2/14): The Rock Returns To WWE!

Results courtesy of WrestlingNewsWorld.com:


RAW this week starts with pyro, then Josh talks about who might be announced to host WM. Cole goes on to talk up the matches of the night.

John Cena Vs. CM Punk – There MUST be a winner!

Cena out to the ring, cameraman chasing him making his entrance bouncy and a bit nauseating. Video of Cena hitting a low blow on Punk last week, then getting a chair from King and taking out Nexus. Cena says, thanks to King. Appreciate the assist. Second, look at this crowd! He sees guys smiling, some guys sweating. Can only mean it’s Valentines Day. Nothing says, "I love you honey!" like a pair of WWE tickets (I so agree with Cena on this!)! Love’s in the air, but so is WM! Tonight will be big. We’ll find out who’s going to host WM! "Rocky!" chants fill the arena.

As we can see, there’s many theories. After the Grammy’s they decided anyone brave enough to show up in an egg should be brave enough to host, so Lady Gaga’s a front runner. Sammy left The Shore, so she’s not doing too much. But all the theories, his is the most Rock solid. The host is Cole! Cena says he’s equally upset. But VKM said "last night" (doesn’t he mean last RAW?), it’s a man who’s experienced a special moment. Someone who has extraordinary attraction, someone who’s been involved in something never been seen before. Cole has a special moment every night he gets a email from the RAW GM. Cole glares. We’re talking about special attraction, Cole has that to both A-Ri and Miz. That’s a love triangle. Something that’s never been seen before. Cole is all over that. We’ve never seen proof Cole’s actually a man.

Cole gets pissed. Cena tells Cole not to stand up, will be like looking at a Ken doll. Cole’s pissed. Tonight will be big, Sunday will be bigger. Tonight we find out who hosts, Sunday we’ll find out who goes to WM. After they hear he’s had, he needs this one. At one point he was a slave, working for a radical group. Then he was fired. At one point he was living on powdered milk and Crayola crayons. Was ugly. When he came back he still had to deal with Nexus. The great thing about the Elimination Chamber is, only one man from that group will be in there. Punk will be the only one in there, so –

Punk’s music. He comes out with a mic in hand. Punk says he doesn’t need to listen to this anymore. Like he doesn’t need Nexus to defeat Cena. It’s in the history books. Punk 2, Cena 0. He doesn’t need Nexus to beat him or listen to him run down a good Samaritan like Cole. He doesn’t need the people of Anaheim like Cena does. He is a good person. Cena, trust him, even here good things happen to good people. Off comes Cena’s shirt, then Punk’s.

They lock up, Punk backed into a corner. The ref breaks it. Punk runs out pissed, but Cena ducks. Punk whipped, but moves and Cena hits the post. Cena falls from the ring. Cena to his feet but Punk was waiting. Punk off the apron with a huge clothesline.