SITE NEWS: WrestleZone Looking For New 2011 Writers is starting to shape up its plans for 2011 and we’re looking for writers.  The recent surveys submitted by hundreds of you were very helpful.   While WrestleZone will always focus on reporting the latest and most up-to-the-minute news on the Internet, you also made it known that the other features on the site are also valuable. 

Below are two positions that we are currently looking to fill with multiple individuals that have the qualifications needed.  Each will start as a volunteer position (no money!), but the benefits include (but not limited to): your work beeing seen by tens of thousands of die-hard wrestling fans each day, the satisfaction of writing about a sport we’re all passionate about, adding a credible mark on your resume, and the potential for your position to lead to more at some point in the future.

Please only inquire about the positions if you are serious and willing to commit the time needed:



Duties:  Aggravating news from various sources, rewriting with credit to source(s) and posting on  This position also allows (but does not require) you to seek exclusive information by establishing relationships with those in the wrestling industry and post them on the site. 

Availability Requirements: 5 days a week between 10am and 4pm EST. 

Experience Requirements: No experience required, but must have good grammatical skills (spelling, punctuation, etc.).  Degree in journalism and/or communication a plus, but not required.

***Please include your name, email, and phone number.  Also include sample writings if available. 



Duties: To write exclusive opinionated or feature articles for on a regular basis.  These articles can be in the form of opinionated editorials (i.e. Mark Madden and Kevin Kelly style), "Top Ten" features, historical pieces, show previews/reviews, etc.  Creative expression will be expected, so please include in your email what type of article(s) you would like to contribute.

Availability Requirements: You must submit at least one article per week.  You can contribute more, but only commit to what you’re positive you can do on a weekly basis. 

Experience Requirements: Degree in journalism and/or communication a plus, but not required.  You must have good grammatical skills and creativity. 

***Please include your name, email and phone number.  Sample writing a must!

NOTE: If you are inquiring about the news reporting position, please only email as you’ll be reporting directly to him if you receive the position.  The same goes for the "Columnist/Feature Writer" position: only email as you’ll be working directly with Chris. 

We appreciate your interest in working with and look forward to a great 2011.  Enjoy your holidays everyone!