WWE Smackdown Results (3/9) – “Mr Excitement” Runs SD!, US Title Cage Match, Six Man Tag Main Event

WWE Smackdown Results

By Bill Pritchard for Wrestlezone.com

March 9th, 2012

David Otunga introduces John Laurinaitis in the ring while a steel cage lowers, and John says he is the right man to run both shows. He says he is going to prove it because Teddy Long never started the show with a championship cage match, so that will happen right now.

United States Championship

Jack Swagger (w/ Vickie Guerrero & Dolph Ziggler) vs Santino Marella (c)

Santino tries to avoid getting cornered by Swagger, but he gets thrown into the turnbuckles and punched before getting backdropped for a two count. Swagger continues to beat Santino down and throws him into the cage before hitting a short-armed clothesline for a two count. Swagger whips him off the ropes but Santino ducks and climbs the cage wall and dives back at Swagger. He gets caught and thrown into the side of the cage, but Santino rebounds with a hip toss and a headbutt for another near fall. Santino calls for a Cobra, but Dolph climbs on the cage to distract him, but Santino punches the side of the cage to knock him down. Swagger picks up Santino up from behind but Santino hits a short Cobra and Dolph is ejected as we go to a break.

When we get back, Swagger throws Santino into the cage again then takes his Cobra sleeve and throws it away, but Santino comes back with another near rollup. Swagger throws him headfirst into the turnbuckles and hits a Swagger Bomb for a two count, then he complains about the count before climbing the cage. Santino knocks him down then goes back up the wall, but Swagger catches his leg and pulls him back inside. Swagger smacks him in the head a few times, but Santino fights backs and hits a tornado DDT then crawls for the door until Swagger pulls him back in. He applies an ankle lock and Vickie argues with the ref, but Santino rolls through and Vickie ends up hitting Swagger with the door. She screams about the mishap, but Santino gets up and climbs out of the ring to retain his title and runs up the ramp then hugs Teddy Long.

Winner – Santino Marella