Impact Wrestling Results (3/15) – Storm/Gunner, Kurt Angle’s Open Challenge, Sting Shows Roode He Is Ready

Impact Wrestling Results

By Bill Pritchard for

March 15th 2012

James Storm comes out and says he has been waiting since November to get his one-on-one title shot, and a bit of revenge. He says Roode is selfish but there are too many guys like that, so he is give him an ass whoopin, because he wants the world title and he will take it. Storm says he has one more thing to say, and the fans yell his catchphrase but he says he isn't sorry, because Roode needs all the luck he can get. Bully Ray comes out and says he is glad Storm is all fired up, but he may have forgotten about getting a chair kicked in his face. Storm says he kicked Bully Ray's teeth down his throat to get a title shot, and he says Bully should get in the ring and settle things now. 

Bully says Storm won't make it to Lockdown because he is going to beat him up, then Storm takes off his jacket and says he wants a fight right now. Bully says the good news is that he will get a fight, but they won't fight because Storm is going to face the toughest guy he knows. Gunner walks out and gets in Storm's face, then Storm hits him with the mic and they brawl against the guardrails. Backstage agents run out to separate them, and Bully backs up and runs his mouth while Storm kicks the steps.

Madison Rayne vs Velvet Sky

Velvet tries to let the pigeons loose but Madison runs at her so Velvet spears her through the ropes and throws her into the corner. Velvet hiptosses her and hits a seated dropkick for a two count, then Madison blocks a dropkick and slams her head on the mat. Madison kicks her from the apron and applies a headlock, then Velvet gets out and runs the ropes but Madison throws her to the floor. She brings Velvet back into the ring and applies another headlock, but Velvet fights back with a jawbreaker and a clothesline. Velvet connects with a bulldog then Madison goes for a Rayne Drop, but Velvet rolls her up only to have Madison reverse it and she holds Velvet's tights for the win.

Winner – Madison Rayne