WWE House Show Results (11/4): London, England


Thanks to Shannen Lukashi for sending this in:

Sin Cara def El Local (Ricardo Rodriguez wearing a mask): Great opener and a big pop for Cara. After the match The Miz attacked Cara from behind to a lot of heat and cut a promo on the ramp saying how he will beat Kingston later that night for the IC championship.

The Usos def Prime Time Players: The crowd was very into the Usos, loads of Usos chant throughout the match.

Kaitlyn def Natalya: Many in the crowd took this as a bathroom break, it was a short and sweet match.

Randy Orton def Alberto Del Rio: Del Rio cut a quick promo basically bashing England and how we speak, etc and said he was gonna beat up Orton who he believes is no viper- cue Orton coming out to a huge pop. This was a GREAT MATCH, lots of interference from Rodriguez who actually got a pop when he came out to announce Del Rio. Del Rio worked Orton’s arm which Orton sold brilliantly but still managed to get the RKO for the 3 count. He then spent ages going right around the ring to shake hands with all the fans. There was also a funny part during Orton's entrance where Del Rio and Rodriguez put a Del Rio t-shirt over Chimel’s head and made him wear it which made me laugh a little.

Wade Barrett and William Regal def Johnny Curtis and Ted DiBiase: Barrett and Regal were the faces, although DiBiase got some cheers, and I haven’t a clue what the hell is going on with Curtis’ gimmick, the best part was DiBiase dancing with Chimel to Curtis’ weird dance music entrance theme (poor Chimel). There was A LOT of time wasting here, they took about 5 minutes to start wrestling, it was an average match with Barrett and Regal getting the home country victory.

Kofi Kingston def The Miz: This was an decent match, with lets go Kingston, let’s go Miz chants throughout. Kingston managed to hit the trouble in paradise for the win.

Sheamus def Big show via DQ: Sheamus came out with members of the London Irish Rugby team (crowd didn’t care, myself included) he got a reasonable pop. It was a decent enough match with a lackluster finish. Show grabbed the Ref to protect himself from Sheamus and got DQed. Predictable finish I guess.

The crowd was very dead, especially for London. Very few chants besides the ones I already mentioned, although a very weak YES chant broke out at one point.. It was also a very early start, commencing at 5pm and finishing at 8pm. There was also a severe lack of stars with no Daniel Bryan, Kane, Clay or Ziggler.

The Miz, Orton, Sheamus and Sin Cara got the biggest pops, the most heat was probably Miz again along with Del Rio.