Update on WWE Passing on YouTube Subscription Deal and TNA Accepting the Offer

Impact WrestlingAccording to The Wrestling Observer, it appears the main catalyst for WWE signing a new video distribution deal with Yahoo! was because of YouTube attempting to monetize their channels as subscription services. As reported earlier this week by Variety, WWE passed on the subscription service option with YouTube despite having one of the most popular user accounts on the website. WWE has 1.5 million subscribers and over 531 million video views as of 5/12.

TNA decided to take on the YouTube channel subscription service option with YouTube. While the TNA account only has a little over 261,000 subscribers, it has 450 million video views as of May 2013. As announced earlier this week, TNA will be charging $4.99 per month to have access to past DVD releases and all Pay Per View events from 2004 to 2012.