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Nick Aldis: WWE Would Benefit From Being Able To Use TNA History To Tell The Full Story

One of the most talked about crossovers in recent times is the one between WWE and TNA, Recently, SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis shared his thoughts on the collaboration.

Recently, while speaking to Gorilla Position, Nick Aldis shared his thoughts on the partnership between WWE and TNA. He believes that TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace played a key role in making this partnership happen.

“I feel good about it. I don’t know much about it, truthfully. So I can’t really speak too much to it. But… Look… I thought Jordynne Grace, I thought she really put in a tremendous performance last week. And I think, truthfully, she’s probably a lot of the driving force behind the whole relationship. simply because, once you have a talent like that, a promoter, which, Hunter and Shawn are at heart. They’re looking at it go like, ‘I don’t care how we have to get it done, I want that product on my TV Show.’ And a lot of the time that’s the sort of genesis of a lot of different working relationships.”

Nick Aldis hopes to see WWE collaborate more with TNA

Aldis wants to see TNA and WWE work together more.

“But I certainly, hope that there can be more between TNA and WWE. Because TNA has a rich history at this point. I was there. I came into TNA arguably at its peak, in ’09. It was… You know… We were doing a couple of million viewers on Spike TV, we were in 120 countries around the world. We had a world-class roster. I think often gets overlooked. The quality of that roster at that time that I came into, that I was very very fortunate to be around that murderer’s row of talent to be… To learn from just through osmosis.

“And so, I think it would be beneficial for WWE to be able to harness some of that history. Particularly when you look at AJ Styles or Drew or LA Knight. And even me to a certain extent. Like being able to sort of cover that significant part of a character’s history. I think that, what we’re looking at now and I think as we moved into this sort of digital age, is that, people want the full story. You know they want, they are not… The idea of sort of, ‘Everything you did before here doesn’t exist anymore.’

“I think that sort of fading away because people are sort of going, ‘Why? It’s more of fun to know about all these other things.’ And planting little seeds here, and there, and people sort of going, ‘I wonder what that’s about.’ And from WWE’s point of view, I think, and this is just me speaking. I’m not speaking on behalf of the company. But, I think the ability to delve into some of that and utilize it to enhance your own stories. I think would be really beneficial and I think could be a major shift in WWE going forward,” Nick Aldis said. 

Would you like to see more of crossovers between TNA and WWE?