Notes From This Weekend’s WWE Japan Tour: Funaki Appears, Cesaro Over with Fans, Attendance, Y2J Note, Taipei Results

Antonio CesaroThe following are several notes and highlights from this weekend's WWE tour of Japan, according to several live reports:

-Antonio Cesaro was said to be very over with Japanese fans this weekend, reportedly "winning the crowd over" during his 24 minute bout against Sheamus.

-The final show of the tour in Toky drew approximately 9,000 fans.

-As we noted before, Chris Jericho got into it a ringside with Japanese wrestling star Yoshihiro Takayama. Jericho then cut a promo after his bout with Antonio Cesaro and thanked the Japanese fans for all their support during his career.

-Hometown star Yoshi Tatsu picked up wins over Wade Barrett this weekend and then celebrated post-match with the Japanese flag to much appreciation from the crowd.

-Also as we previously reported, former WWE star Funaki made an appearance on the tour working as a special guest referee for the Natalya vs Aksana bout.

The following are match results from the 7/6 event in Taipei:

-Yoshi Tatsu and Great Khali defeated Epico and Primo

-Wade Barrett defeated Zack Ryder

-Curtis Axel defeated The Miz in an IC Title match

-Natalya defeated Aksana with Funaki as the special guest referee

-Chris Jericho defeated Antonio Cesaro

-Dean Ambrose defeated Sheamus in a US Title match

-Sheamus, Kane and Daniel Bryan defeated The Shield

-John Cena defeated Ryback in a Tables Match