Y2J Reveals His Initials Were to Be Tattooed on Punk, Why His Match Against Rourke Did Not Happen, His New Book, Will He Work a PPV Only WWE Schedule?, More

Chris Jericho recently sat down for an interview with Arda Ocal, and the two discussed the following topics:

-Leading up to Wrestlemania 28, Jericho was supposed to tattoo his initials onto CM Punk before it was nixed and the alcohol was introduced

-Why Chris Jericho vs Mickey Rourke at Wrestlemania 25 didn't happen

-His third book is set to be submitted Oct 1 and could top off at 400 pages

-Why he takes much of the credit for Fandango being the most over guy in the company after Wrestlemania 29 and his philosophy on facing talent in WWE these days

-Will he ever adopt a PPV only schedule