JR Q&A: Possibly Working with TNA, Kurt Angle Returning to WWE, His Reaction to Fans Questioning His Contract Status

Jim RossJim Ross has posted a new blog over at JRsBarBQ.com, and below are some highlights:

"Truly, never say never. Kurt [Angle] in the WWE HOF makes sense….wrestling? Not so sold on that except perhaps a retirement match at WrestleMania."

On possibly working with TNA:

"No disrespect taken…Just not interested in working w/ any wrestling company at this time."

On his reaction to fans questioning his contract status:

"I'd suggest I interact w/ fans as well as anyone in the business or at least I try. I certainly don't feel that I'm better than any wrestling fan or anyone else. At the same time, my exact contractual status w/ any organization isn't something I care to discuss. Bottom line, I'm no longer employed at WWE and look forward to the future engaging other entities. Will my existing work in WWE, WCW and Mud Soth [sic] continue to exist on WWE projects? I'd say most likely to that."