Rampage Jackson Says He’s Never Returning to TNA, Says He Saw the “Writing on the Wall” Regarding SpikeTV

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, who is still listed on TNA’s roster page, recently did an interview for TheFightNerd.com, and below are some highlights:

-Rampage admits he is done with TNA and is not returning to the company. He said after he saw how “they [TNA] ran things,” he made the decision not to go back, and fans will never see him in TNA again.

-Rampage Jackson said there was a ton of initial momentum when he made his TNA debut and was headed into a feud with Kurt Angle, but he said TNA “dropped the ball” with the angle, and the momentum was lost.

-With regards to the current TNA/SpikeTV situation, Rampage said he saw the writing on the wall for the company, and despite John Gaburick and Dixie Carter calling him and asking him to return, he didn’t buy into it.

You can watch the entire interview below: