Post-WrestleMania PPV Bonuses Slashed by WWE Network Revenue, Possible Reason for Network Delay in UK

Network Cuts PPV Bonuses

wrestling legendThe Wrestling Observer is reporting that payoffs for the first WWE PPV events after WrestleMania XXX were not good news for the roster. Checks were sent out with bonuses from Extreme Rules and Money in the Bank, which in the past have been based on revenue from the PPV itself. Since the WWE Network launched actual PPV sales have plummeted, directly effecting how much the wrestlers make per show. 

It was unknown how WWE would handle the bonuses going forward, and while this may change, it doesn’t look like new Network subscriptions are factored into the checks given out from those two shows. 

Possible Reason for WWE Network Delay

It was announced this week on RAW that the WWE Network launch in the UK had been delayed, due to “discussions with potential partners.” Since the WWE Network is currently an over-the-top internet streaming service, one of the only reasons to be talking to partners is if they wanted to launch the serve as a TV deal rather than online-only, much like the currently distribution in Canada. 

Another potential issue is that Sky had to pay a lot more money in rights fees this year to continue airing WWE programming, which includes the monthly PPV’s.