Update On Alberto Del Rio Lawsuit Against WWE, Reddit User Claims Man Alberto Slapped Has Appeared On WWE TV, WWE Stock Closes At Decrease

alberto del rioAlberto Del Rio Lawsuit

FightNetwork.com is reporting WWE and Alberto Del Rio are close to a settlement on the lawsuit filed by Alberto, real name Jose Alberto Rodriguez. 

The lawsuit is regarding his non-compete status after he was fired on August 7th of this year for “unprofessional conduct.” During a press conference with AAA he revealed he was unable to continue using the Alberto Del Rio name, since WWE owned it, and he was banned from wrestling in the United States for a year. 


Rodriguez later took action in the form of the lawsuit, calling the ban “unconstitutional.”

Regarding the backstage incident that got Rodriguez fired, he did confirm Cody Barbierri was the man he slapped after Barbierri made some racist comments about him. Barbierri did briefly appear on WWE television as CM Punk‘s doctor in December 2012 and January 2013, confirmed by Reddit user MetsFan4Ever, a unidentified former backstage worker who has also broken a number of show scripts and other WWE news. 

WWE Stock

WWE stock was down 3.36% at closing on Thursday, coming in at $13.82 per share. Thursday’s high was $14.44 and the low was $13.79.