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TNA Impact Wrestling Results (1/23) – Feast or Fired Returns, EC3 vs JB, Lashley Takes On The BDC!


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TNA Impact Wrestling Results

January 23rd 2015

Report by Bill Pritchard for

Feast or Fired 

Everyone starts brawling in the corners, then somehow Robbie breaks free and hoists Velvet Sky up on the turnbuckles and allows her to grab a case. They run away with the case as Crazzy Steve chases them away, then Spud sends Zema outside and pulls the ropes down to send the Wolves outside. Gunner ends up dropkicking Bram and Spud is left by himself, and he goes for a case but Samuel Shaw runs in and hits him in the back. Shaw biel throws Spud across the ring and heads up top, but Gunner crotches him on the turnbuckles before Austin Aries connects with an IED. Aries gets tossed outside, then Spud hits Shaw in the back a few times and climbs over Shaw to take the second case.

Zema runs up but Aries cuts him off, then Aries gets launched off the turnbuckles before The Wolves go for a suicide dive. Angelina Love jumps on the apron to stop them, then Aries clears the ring and thinks about a suicide dive, but stops and leafrogs to the turnbuckles. Aries takes the third briefcase and hits the ropes, then he dives on everyone with the briefcase before leaving. Gunner drops Bram with a clothesline and heads up top, but Bram shoves him back and starts climbing himself, only to have Gunner slam his head into the briefcase pole. They fight at the top but Magnus runs in and takes them both out with a Tower of Doom spot, then he climbs the turnbuckles and takes the final case down. 

Winners – Robbie E, Rockstar Spud, Austin Aries, Magnus 

Magnus is backstage talking about how good he feels about winning the case he got, then Bram walks in and shoves him. Bram says Magnus screwed him and he went into business for himself, but Magnus says it was every man for himself. Magnus says he went into business for Bram by even getting him a job here, but Bram just shoves him again and screams that he will smash his head in as they are broken apart.

BP: It’ll be interesting to see who gets fired. I’m going with Spud, with Ethan Carter somehow switching his case or other hijinx. As for the other cases, Aries gets the X title case, Magnus gets the tag titles case (which can also come in to play with Bram), and yes, Robbie E somehow gets a world title shot. Probably not even close.