Austin Aries Blasts TNA / Destination America Reports, Rollins Says Lesnar is “Looming” in the Background, Rects to Bieber Chant

Austin Aries Blasts TNA / Destination America Reports

austin ariesIn response to recent TNA / Destination America reports, Austin Aries posted the following on Twitter:

No matter who’s wrestling companies you root for or hate on, remember the human element. We’re all people working to provide, just like you. If you need to spread negativity or wish the worst, step back and ask yourself why and what good it brings you… The world’s a sphere for a reason…what’s put out there, it all comes around.

I would extend those comments to the journalists who provide for theirs by reporting on what I do… Just because you have the “scoop” doesn’t make you a #GR8 reporter. Knowing when it IS and ISN’T responsible to share that scoop does.

Rollins Talks Lesnar and More

In a new interview conducted by BBC Newsbeat, Seth Rollins had the following to say about being the most hated man in WWE right now:

“There’s a lot going on, a lot of contenders on the horizon and Brock Lesner [sic] always looming in the background. There’s a lot going on for WWE and me in particular this summer. I’m just looking forward to capitalizing on any opportunity that’s thrown my way.”

On being called Justin Bieber on Raw this past Monday night, Rollins said it’s a “good thing” and he added you could argue it is better to be disliked rather than ignored.

“I actually saw a poll online, on, they were asking who deserved their success more, me or Justin Bieber and Justin Bieber was in the lead by a wide margin,” says the WWE star.