TNA Impact Wrestling Results (7/29) – Hardy Names His Stipulation, Jeff Jarrett Enters TNA HOF!

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TNA Impact Wrestling Results

July 29th 2015

Report By Bill Pritchard for

Austin Aries comes out and says he wasn’t in the number one contender’s title match last week, and Bully Ray made a mistake. Bully comes out and says Aries will get another match eventually, but he already lost to Kurt Angle, so Aries wants a tag title match. Bully says he and Bobby Roode already lost to the Wolves, so maybe he can do something for him. He says Aries can have an X Division title shot, but Aries mocks it and says he’s been there and done it a number of times. Aries says that title is for guys like Rockstar Spud who will never main event, then Spud comes out and says he’s just here to straighten things out. Spud says hearing what Aries said really hurts, and Aries is a very decorated champion, but he’s wrong about the X title.

Aries says ‘Option C’ was for him, not guys like Spud, and he told him not to challenge Kurt Angle because he would lose. Now, Spud has nothing to show for it, but Aries says he wants to give Spud a chance to hang with him and he will take him on in a match. Spud says he thinks he can beat Aries, but Aries puts him down and says Spud is not a ‘rockstar’ and if he loses to him, he doesn’t belong here. Bully asks him to repeat that, and says Spud has balls so if he beats Aries, he’ll never wrestle here again. Aries says if somehow Spud wins, he’ll leave, but when he wins he wants to be called Rockstar Austin Aries, and sucker punches Spud on the way out.