WWE Smackdown Live Results play by play

WWE Smackdown Live Results (7/17): Styles Battles Almas, Nakamura Defends The US Title Against Hardy, More

July 17th, 2018

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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In Ring Segment: Jeff Hardy

Hardy says he may look like Jeff Hardy, Sound like Jeff Hardy but he is not Jeff Hardy. Hardy’s heart is broken. Last week Shinsuke Nakamura proved he is a low down good for nothing jackass. Nakamura knows that the only way he can beat him is if he low blows him. Hardy says he is clear tonight. Hardy is focused on three things: making Nakamura feel as much pain as possible. Making sure Nakamura fades away and classifies himself as OBSOLETE. And winning back the United States Championship.

Backstage, Nakamura says Hardy is a crybaby. Now hits Nakamura’s title. That is a reason to smile. Tonight, Nakamura is going to give everyone a reason to smile by making a clown cry. Nakamura says god bless America and walks away.