Rene Dupree Says He Suffered 25 Concussions w/WWE, Accuses Bubba Dudley of Ending Careers, Talks Injury Negligence, Heat w/ Bob Holly, Rips JBL & More

rene dupreeIn quite possibly the most controversial episode of The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast to date, John and Chad welcome former WWE Tag Team Champion and La Resistance member Rene Dupree. Dupree is not one to cut corners as he gives his honest and candid take on WWE Developmental, NXT, his issues with his former tag team partner Sylvan, disdain for Bubba Ray Dudley, Hardcore Holly and also JBL. Dupree’s pull no punches style makes this a can’t miss episode and if you are a fan of the mid 2000s WWE you will recall the missed opportunity by WWE not getting behind what was the youngest wrestler ever signed by the organization.

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Rene Dupree Shoots On Bubba Ray Dudley Purposely Giving Him Concussions:

Did he get along with former tag team partners (Sylvan Grenier and Kenzo Suzuki):

As far as Sly, no I didn’t like the guy. Does that answer your question? We don’t like each other, we haven’t talked to each other and probably never will. He (Kenzo Suzuki) was great. That’s when I got into Japanese culture was traveling with him and his wife. I spent more time in Japan then I did with the WWE or the United States.  I had a seven or eight year career there but now I am winding down, I’m only 31 going to be 32 in December but I’ve had my fill with wrestling. I say that now but a wrestler never retires.

Working in Japan over The United States and WWE’s current product:

If you are good, you can get anybody off their ass. It took time but I learned how to get them off their ass and that’s why I stayed there so long. I learned how to get over with that crowd. There it’s different, for example if it’s an opening match they are going to treat it as an opening match but if it’s a match with significance, like a title match that has importance and has been built up right they will get more involved and into it and more into the false finishes and be just as loud as an American crowd. Now with WWE, they do everything on TV. Nobody gives a sh*t if it’s a title match or not. You don’t even know the rules or know what the hell is going on. Who gives a sh*t if it’s a title match, they switch the belt every other week, as far as tag titles or Intercontinental. I couldn’t tell you who the tag champs are or who the Intercontinental Champion is now, I don’t know.

How have injuries played a part in his wrestling career coming to an end:

I’m pretty much done with the whole wrestling game. I’d like to do the convention circuit so I don’t have to take any bumps because my brains are so scrambled from throughout the years that it’s starting to affect me and starting to affect my daily life. Now that I am getting older, it started when I was around 27, I started forgetting stuff, I had twenty-five concussions just within WWE. You think about well I have so many, not really when you work a full time schedule and I was there for 5 1/2 years and when you wrestle what  150- 250 matches a year to have four or five concussions a year do you think that’s highly unlikely? No, that’s normal.