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TNA Impact Wrestling Results (9/9) – New Champions Crowned, TNA/GFW Lumberjack Match, Jeff Hardy Becomes A Personal Assistant

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TNA Impact Wrestling Results

September 9th 2015

Report By Joshua Lopez for

Ethan Carter III and Jeff Hardy Segment: 

EC3 says that there’s a war in the horizon and he brings up the battlelines between TNA and GFW. EC3 doesn’t care. EC3 said that you shouldnt’ have bet against him because one man made a crucial bet. EC3 said Matt Hardy gave him a match of the ages, but Hardy ran into EC3’s god mode and EC3 is still the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. EC3 also says that victors go to spoil as he brings out his brand new personal assitant Jeff Hardy. EC3 says that personal assistant don’t come out to music they come out in silence. EC3 ask Hardy for a bottle of water.

EC3 wonders if that water was 73 degrees because he wanted 72, but gives Hardy a pass because it’s his first day. EC3 said he and Tyrus got him a first day present. Out comes a fathead of EC3 on a stick of which Hardy is supposed to hold up in the air at all times. Crowd in the Impact Zone continues to chant for Hardy. Hardy says that his name is Jeffrey Nero Hardy and he’s EC3 biggest fan, he’s unbeatle, unbreakle, unsubmitted, undefeated and still TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Hardy also mentions that EC3 is handsome. EC3 says that Hardy gets to see his brother in action and while he would love to see a Hardy Boyz match, he’s going to see his brother in action as he will team up with Rockstar Spud to take on EC3 and Rockstar Spud. 

First Match: Ethan Carter III & Tyrus w/Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy & Rockstar Spud 

Carter and Hardy start off the match and immediately tags in Tyrus. Hardy tries to go after Carter who’s on the ring apron and Tyrus comes from behind with a clothesline. Tyrus tags in Carter. Hardy lands a series of haymakers and hits a russian leg sweep. Spud comes in off the tag and Hardy and Spud give Carter a double suplex which gets a two count. Spud runs toward Carter and EC3 flings Spud over the top rope. Tyrus rams Spud into the turnbuckle and rolls him back in the ring. Carter gives Spud a front face suple and tags in Tyrus. Tyrus punches Spud in the ribs. Tyrus splash upon Spud’s midsection and taunts Hardy. Tyrus gives Hardy a elbow drop and continues to mock Hardy. Tyrs continues to maul Spud as EC3 is tag in. 

EC3 starts to ground Spud as Spud tries to gain momentum. Hardy raises the EC3 fathead sign and EC3 gets in Hardys face. Spud tags in Hardy with a pair of clotheslines and a side effect which gets a two count. Hardy goes for the twist of fate and Hardy irish whips Carter to the ropes and Tyurs tags in. Hardy tags in Spud. Spud goes off the top rope and Tyrus catches and Hardy gives Tyrus a DDT for a two count. Spud brings out some fire, but gets knock down again by Tyrus. EC3 tells Jeff Hardy to blast Spud with a steel chair. Hardy says no way. Tyrus gives Spud the ICU (Thumb Spike) to pickup the victory. After the match Hardy comes into the ring and raises both of Tyrus and EC3 hands. 

Winner: Ethan Carter III & Tyrus in 06:56