GFW Impact Results (9/14) New Number One Contender Crowned, Bobby Lashley Makes his Choice!

GFW Impact Results – 09/14/17GFW Impact Results

September 14th, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for

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Braxton Sutter w/ Allie vs Garza Jr.

Sutter takes down Garza Jr. and locks in a modified rear naked choke. Garza Jr.counters into a headlock. Garza Jr. takes Sutter over in a headlock tack over. A tackle/dropdown/trip spot ends in a stalemate. Big Boot by Sutter. Garza Jr. kicks Sutter in the head. Garza Jr. climbs onto the rope but Sutter neck breakers him off the top rope. Garza Jr. lands a few clotheslines. Sutter drops to the mat. Garza Jr. tells Sutter to stop. Garza Jr. blows a kiss to Allie and rips off his pants. Garza Jr. tosses his pants at Allie. Garza Jr. tries to dive to the outside but Allie is in the way. Garza Jr. stops himself but he ends up tripping over the ropes. Sutter takes advantage and hits a gut wrench powerbomb for a near fall. Garza Jr. kicks Sutter in the head, then lands a moonsault off the second rope for the win.

Winner- Garza Jr.

After the match, Sutter yells at Allie. Sutter tries to leave the ring but he turns around and embraces Allie. Sutter tries to walk away but Allie grabs his hand and has her full on pout face on. They talk for a second before leaving together.