GFW Impact Results (9/21) Eli Drake Defends in Mexico, Johnny Impact Does Double Duty, Final Hype for Victory Road!

GFW Impact Results – 09/21/17GFW Impact Results

September 21st, 2017

Report By Lovell Porter for

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Backstage, Johnny Impact is searching for Eli Drake. Impact doesn’t find Drake, so Impact makes his way to the ring. Impact calls out Drake. Impact yells that he wants his title shot right here, right now. Impact will wait all night if he has to. For reasons no one will ever be able to explain, KM marches to the ring with a referee. KM yells that he wants Impact to put his title shot on the line against him right here and right now. Impact agrees and promptly superkicks KM.

Johnny Impact vs KM

Standing shooting star press by Impact. KM kicks out at two. Impact goes for a springboard but KM trips Impact on the ropes. KM tosses Impact across the ring. Full nelson driver by KM. KM launches Impact but Impact lands on his feet. Dropkick by Impact. Impact sticks a very impressive standing corkscrew splash. Impact sets up Starship Pain. KM pulls Impact off the ropes into a schoolboy. KM puts his feet on the ropes but the referee sees it. KM argues with the referee. Impact lands a disaster kick off the second rope. Impact mounts the top rope and lands his flipping elbow drop for the win!

Winner and STILL Number One Contender for the Global Title, Johnny Impact!