Exclusive: CSR’s Justin LaBar; Backstage News On Rowan Rejoining The Wyatt Family, Del Rio’s Return, WWE HIAC Thoughts, more (Audio Included)

WZD-three-color 210Earlier today Chair Shot Reality’s Justin LaBar was the featured guest on the WrestleZone Daily. We have transcribed some of Justin’s comments below and you can hear Justin’s appearance at the 30:34 mark in the Soundcloud audio player.

His general thoughts on WWE Hell in a Cell last night:

JL: I go in to the show pretty much basing it on three things. Just from a not smart fan perspective. Just a normal viewer’s perspective. That is: Will the two Hell in a Cell matches deliver?” With entertainment and physicality and violence. Will this much anticipated surprise of who is challenging John Cena deliver? I think all three of those things get a green check mark. All three of those things on the card fulfilled their roles in the booking. 

On  Alberto Del Rio returning to accept the John Cena US Open Challenge:

JL: Nevermind how talented Alberto Del Rio is. Nevermind him returning a year after a very controversial departure. Nevermind whatever the deal is with him and Zeb Colter. Nevermind the fact that he beat John Cena. The fact that none of this got leaked prior is pretty remarkable in today’s climate of media. For his name to not even be mentioned. We’re all mentioning Tyler Breeze and Samoa Joe and James Storm… the fact that he was never, ever brought up once is great.

On Luke Harper having to miss last week’s RAW taping and the decision to re-insert Erik Rowan back in to The Wyatt Family with no reason given:

JL: I actually think prior to that situation with Harper, Rowan was in fact not a last minute audible. They were planning to have Rowan be part of The Wyatt Family. He was actually getting medically checked out at the Performance Center down in Orlando a few weeks ago when I was down there. I know he was already planning on being at RAW last Monday. I think had Harper been there the plan would have been Erik Rowan would have made his appearance in the main event segment last Monday since the Wyatts were in that six man tag. Rowan would have made a more dramatic appearance. It would have swayed the numbers game against Reigns and Ambrose. That would have been a bigger deal. That would have put it on the map as, “The Wyatt Family, pay attention to them, they’re four strong. What’s going to happen at Hell in a Cell?” BUT, because Harper couldn’t be there they couldn’t have just Strowman and Wyatt out there at the beginning of the night and then make a six man tag match. It would have been like, “Well, there’s only two guys here.” So, they had no choice but to just make Rowans go out there kind of unceremoniously. It was what it was and they didn’t have much of a choice. 

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