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Forbes Writer Says It’s “Now Or Never” For Roman Reigns, Glory Kickboxing Finds New Home On ESPN

espn-2Glory Kickboxing

After it was leaked online, GLORY Kickboxing issued a press release announcing they have reached an agreement for ESPN to broadcast their live events across ESPN platforms. 

MMA Mania first confirmed the deal after the Watch ESPN App listed the upcoming Glory 25 event, scheduled to air on ESPN3 tomorrow afternoon at 4 p.m. EST, followed by a replay on ESPN 2 at 1:30 a.m.

Roman Reigns 

After news broke of Seth Rollins’ injury and WWE’s plans for a championship tournament at Survivor Series, Forbes and Wrestlezone Daily contributor Alfred Konuwa published a new editorial explaining why it’s Roman Reigns’ time to shine.

Konuwa says Reigns should be a leading favorite to win the championship now, and he would have a better chance of remaining in the fans’ good graces now more than ever. Konuwa writes: 

Putting the WWE Championship on the former Shield member right now is a low-risk proposition. In doing so, WWE will avoid the tension that would be created if he were entered into the Royal Rumble. For the past two years, the Royal Rumble has been the site of the ugliest degree of fan entitlement and outrage when the “right guy” doesn’t win.

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