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The Three Count: It’s Time To Worry About Roman Reigns’ Character, Big E Finally Wins Some Gold

Roman Reigns Is Quickly Turning Into A Cowardly Heel

Roman Reigns‘ character remains the best thing on WWE programming, bar none. His acting, both in matches and in promo segments, is truly incredible. That excellence was on display yet again on Friday night, as “The Tribal Chief” brilliantly played his part in a Steel Cage Match against Kevin Owens. But with each passing week, it’s hard not to worry about where Reigns’ character is going. Dating back to WWE Survivor Series, most of his victories have been tainted. He has either cheated or relied on outside interference to defeat Drew McIntyre and Owens in major matches.

Sure, “The Head of the Table” is a despicable heel. But if his booking continues to follow this trend, Reigns could become more of a cowardly heel than a villain who should be feared. Reigns’ character has layers, and he’s demonstrated his brutal nature throughout this run. But lately, this vicious streak has been overpowered by his tendency to rely on Jey Uso. Hopefully, WWE will find a way to successfully balance the compelling aspects of Reigns’ character. Otherwise, the company could squander what has been a highlight of 2020 for wrestling fans.

Bianca Belair
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The Women’s Division Shines Bright On Friday Night

A Triple Threat Tag Team Match gave the women’s division a chance to steal the show on Friday night. On an episode that featured two solid title matches aside from this bout, the odds were stacked against these talented Superstars. But they still tore it down in the ring. Bayley, Bianca Belair, Sasha Banks, Asuka and Charlotte Flair all showed the fans why they’re considered some of the best wrestlers on the WWE roster. Carmella continued to impress the WWE Universe after her eye-opening showing at WWE TLC.

Many fans will critique Belair’s consecutive losses, but it’s worth noting that she has held her own in the ring with WWE’s best and brightest. She doesn’t look overwhelmed when she’s competing alongside Banks, Flair and Asuka. Instead, she seems like she naturally belongs there. That speaks volumes to her star power, which is doubly impressive when you consider that she’s wrapping up her first year as a member of the main roster. Belair will be fine, but it sure would be nice to se her start picking up some signature wins to build some momentum. WWE Royal Rumble is right around the corner, and if she’s booked correctly, Belair could be a contender to win the match.

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It’s A New Day For Big E

At WWE TLC 2013, Big E successfully defended the WWE Intercontinental Championship. After the match, the broadcast team predicted that 2014 would be Big E’s year. Instead, it took him seven years to win another singles championship in WWE. On Friday, Big E won the WWE Intercontinental Championship when he defeated Sami Zayn. Instead of complaining about how overdue this victory is, let’s focus on the positives.

It actually seems like Big E is going places now. He’s one of the top babyfaces on WWE SmackDown, and if he’s built up properly, he could be the one who dethrones Reigns. Paul Heyman has been planting the seeds for this match on WWE Talking Smack. But first, Big E needs to have a strong run with the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Ideally, he’ll be involved in some compelling storylines to build his profile as a legitimate (future) main event player. At the very least, he needs to be booked like a strong champion. For all intents and purposes, 2021 should be Big E’s year. The story writes itself, as Big E could easily be positioned as the fan-favorite star that steps up to “The Tribal Chief” when everyone else fails to defeat him. WWE just has to deliver the goods.

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