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Roman Reigns Finds Sami Zayn Not Guilty, Gives Him One Final Test On 1/23 WWE RAW

Sami Zayn was put on trial, and the results were mixed.

On the January 23 episode of WWE RAW, Roman Reigns and The Bloodline came to the ring. After getting the acknowledgment he demanded from the crowd, Reigns took his seat at the head of the table. Paul Heyman addressed the crowd’s “ECW” chant and stated that ECW is dead, and he wished the same for Sami Zayn. Heyman called Zayn a judas and a betrayer of the Island of Relevancy. Heyman accused Zayn of conspiring with Owens from the start. He stated that he had plenty of evidence, but he only needed four pieces of footage for his case.

Exhibit A was the clip of Zayn talking to The Usos before Drew McIntyre and Sheamus attacked them, and Zayn running away. Exhibit B showed Zayn refusing to hit Owens with a chair during a match with Jey Uso. In the next exhibit, Heyman showed that Zayn flashed a conspiracy signal, Next, he played a clip of Zayn brushing past Reigns with a shoulder block and called it an assassination attempt. Heyman stated that Zayn was guilty  asked the jury to find Zayn guilty as charged. Zayn responded by saying that Heyman’s words and his actions hurt. He stated that he has no defense.

Reigns got fired up and took Zayn’s lack of an offense as a sign of ego. He called on Sikoa, who went to attack Zayn, but Jey Uso stopped him. Jey revealed that he put together his own footage, and he showed clips of the ways Zayn has helped The Bloodline. He stated that the filmed showed the whole story, as Zayn has taken bullets for them. Jey noted that he didn’t trust Zayn at first, but Sami never gave up. He stated that Zayn has proven his loyalty. Jey told everyone to throw up their ones if they wanted Zayn to stay in The Bloodline.

Reigns responded by saying that he finds Zayn not guilty, at least for now. He said that Jey bought Sami a little more time. Reigns told him that, after Monday, he didn’t want to see him until the Royal Rumble on Saturday.

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