ESPN-WrestleMania 32 Update, Diana Hart Smith Comments on Harry Smith’s WWE Run, Nick Dinsmore Gets Married

ESPN-WrestleMania 32 Update

Former WWE and current ESPN personality Jonathan Coachman has posted the following to Twitter saying that he expects ESPN to be in Dallas for WrestleMania and teases he may even get involved in the action:

Diana Hart Smith on Harry Smith’s WWE Run

Diana Hart Smith, widow of the late “British Bulldog” Davey Boy Smith and sister of Bret Hart, recently spoke with SKY Sports. She was being interviewed to promote her new book Cauliflower Heart: A Romantic Wrestler. During the interview she had the following to say about her son Harry’s run with the WWE:

I don’t know if WWE really knew what they were doing with him. One day he was in a black vest and a cowboy hat and the next day they wanted him to be doing a running powerslam like his dad. Then they would say: ‘We want you to be your own character and wear pink and black’. I never saw someone go through so many character changes, it was like he was in commercials, not wrestling. There was nothing for him to really sink his teeth into and I was frustrated. I think they tried to make a silk purse into a sow’s ear.

Nick Dinsmore Gets Married

Former WWE Superstar Nick “Eugene” Dinsmore posted the following to Twitter noting he got married this past week. Congrats!