Five Rare Undertaker Matches, Steve Austin on Reigns Heel Turn, Highspots Releases Tribute to Nick Bockwinkel

Five Rare Undertaker Matches

The latest episode of WWE’s Five Things is now available. It features host Kyle Edwards looking at five rare Undertaker matches that you may not have seen:

Steve Austin On Reigns’ Heel Turn

On his most recent episode of The Steve Austin Show- Unleashed! the topic of a Roman Reigns heel turn came up. Steve said that he is in favor of Reigns turning heel. He went on to say that the turn would, “almost mirror what The Rock did.” You can listen to the full episode by clicking HERE.

Highspots Tribute to Nick Bockwinkel


Highspots has posted the following moving tribute to their Youtube page in honor of the legendary pro wrestler Nick Bockwinkel who passed away this past week: