Chris Candido Documentary Update, Former CZW Champion Joining Chicago Pro Wrestling Radio Show

Chris Candido Documentary Update

Turnbuckle Magazine has released the extended trailer for the documentary about the life and pro wrestling career of Chris Candido. Below is the extended trailer as well as a description about it:

When Chris Candido unexpectedly passed away on April 28, 2005 at the age of 33, his name was carelessly added to the list of young wrestlers who left us way too soon.

While others who preceded him fell victim to addiction or battled demons that they couldn’t overcome, Candido’s story is especially tragic because he did overcome his own personal challenges only to have a freak in-ring injury eventually lead to his passing just as his career resurgence was on an upswing.

Turnbuckle Magazine collaborated with Chris Candido’s family to produce a documentary on the life and career of the Spring Lake, N.J. native. For the first time, those who knew Chris best speak publicly about his passing while also sharing memories of the prodigy who saw his childhood dream become a reality.

This trailer also features commentary from a dozen wrestlers who knew Chris not only for his highly acclaimed and innovative in-ring and promo work, but for the family guy who loved returning home and just being a son, brother or one of the guys.

The full-length version of the documentary is currently under production and is scheduled for release later in 2016.

We thank the Candido and Rea families for allowing us into their lives and granting us the privilege of sharing Chris’ story to the world.

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Robert “Ego” Anthony Joining The Chicago Wrestling Rebellion

robert ego anthonyThis past Wednesday’s episode of The Chicago Wrestling Rebellion on WLPN 105.5 FM Chicago featured a special announcement. Former CZW World Heavyweight Champion Robert “Ego” Anthony will be joining the show as a regular contributor. Every week The Chicago Wrestling Rebellion will feature original audio from Ego featuring his thoughts on the business, his time under a WWE developmental contract, interviews with some of his notable pro wrestling friends and more.

You can check out The Chicago Wrestling Rebellion every Wednesday at 5 pm CST on Archives for The Chicago Wrestling Rebellion are available courtesy of WrestleZone Radio

You can listen to the latest episode , including an exclusive interview with Ryan Nemeth, in the embedded audio player below: