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Full Match Video: Watch Brock Lesnar vs Sheamus in Houston, Latest “TNA Asylum Years” Video w/Jerry Lynn, LU Lands Canada TV Deal

Full Match Video: Watch Brock Lesnar vs Sheamus in Houston

The following video, which will likely get pulled very soon, features the full Brock Lesnar vs Sheamus match in Houston last night:

Latest TNA Asylum Years Video w/Jerry Lynn

The following is TNA’s latest “Asylum Years” video featuring Jerry Lynn, AJ Styles, Ron Killings and more:

LU Lands Canada TV Deal

Lucha Underground has issued the following statement, announcing the promotion has landed a TV deal in Canada:

Lucha Underground has secured their first Canadian television rights deal with TLN (Telelatino Network).

The deal will kick off with the Season 2 premiere and will air on Sunday nights at 10pm Eastern in Canada. The first episode premieres in Canada on Sunday January 31st.

TLN is available in 6.2 million homes in Canada and features programming in English, Spanish and Italian with Lucha Underground being presented in English.

The second season of Lucha Underground will be debuting in the U.S. a few days prior, on Wednesday January 27th with tapings for the upcoming season beginning this past November.

Listings for TLN on various Canadian cable outlets are available at