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TNA Impact Wrestling Results (1/26) – Feast or Fired, The Hardy’s Collide?, Shane Helms Returns To TNA

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TNA Impact Wrestling Results

January 26th, 2016

Report By Joshua Lopez for

Jeff Hardy Backstage Promo: 

Jeff arrives to the arena and the camera man asks Jeff his thoughts on his brother Matt Hardy turning his back on the TNA fans in order to capture the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Jeff said that he’s been trying to get in hold of his brother, but he won’t respond. Jeff said that he’s going to have sometime to get painted up and think about what he’s going to say to the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion Matt Hardy. 

The Hardy Family In-Ring Segment: 

Jeff says that he had a whole week to digest what happen in this ring in the main event. Jeff said that he was shocked to see his brother Matt turn his back on the TNA fans. Jeff says that he needs answers, so he asks if the TNA World Heavyweight Champion can grace us with his presence. Matt takes forever to come out. Matt comes down to the ring with his wife Reby and Tyrus is holding Matt’s son Maxwell. Jeff said that he needed to speak to his brother alone. Reby said that she his wife and Jeff forgot to be there for Matt when the fans turn their back on him or when he was trying to be redneck Evel Knievel when he broke his leg on a dirt bike. Jeff said that he’s here to talk to his brother not his sister in law aka “Bitch In-Law.” Reby says that Jeff can’t talk to her like that. Matt says that Jeff is treading in dangerous waters right now. Jeff says that he’s now talking to his brother who’s acting like and bitch too. Now we have bitch number three Tyrus holding Matt’s son. Jeff wants to know why Matt did what he did? Matt backs Tyrus up and says it’s okay Jeff is uncomfortable because he’s never been in Matt’s shadow.

Matt says that he’s done what’s right his entire life and all he ever done was spin his wheels. His wife got in his ear and said stop giving and start taking. Obviously it worked. The crowd says that Matt still sucks, Matt says that yea he sucks, but he’s the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Matt wants to know why Jeff can never be happy for him? Is it because Jeff is crippled now? Matt says that he’s better then he’s ever been and now Jeff is the other Hardy. Jeff says that he can’t be happy with how Matt capture the TNA World Title and what’s going through his big head. Matt says that maybe it’s time they come to the fork in the road and The Hardy’s go their separate ways. Jeff can hangout with the underlings aka the creatures while Matt can go on and become the greatest World Champion in the history of the industry. The fans begins to chant EC3. Jeff says that he called EC3 the greatest wrestler in the world because he earned the title. Jeff goes on to challenge Matt for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship tonight. Matt accepts the challenge and says that while he loves his brother he wipes away any guilt that comes with the beating he will dish out to his brother tonight.